TaskRabbit makes it easier to sit on your ass all day!

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I have a fetish for online task managers. When a new one is launched, or releases a beta, I sign up right away to try it out! I’m pretty sure that trying out all these shiny new software apps reduces my productivity to zero, but now there is hope for me!

A new collaborative task manager was released today called TaskRabbit. The service is for people that are just too busy playing with task managers to get all their stuff done! Essentially you post the task you need to do, but are too lazy to do, and someone else that is part of the service will look at your offer (i.e.- money talks) and offer to do it for you! Sweet.

It’s not just for the lazy people, it can be for anything type of task. You need someone to take pictures for an event? Post about it. I really think it is a cool idea!

I’d be interested in seeing if a small business doesn’t end up making millions running around doing small errands for the lazy people! In a big city like L.A. or New York, you could make a killing if you time it right…

Here is a bit more about the service over at TechCrunch.

TaskRabbit, the collaborative consumption service that allows you to post tasks and have other vetted, background checked people complete them within in a short amount of time has finally come to iOS this morning. In case you missed it, TaskRabbit is an ideal service for urban dwellers who are too busy to complete day-to-day tedium like build desks, pick up party platters or fold laundry for example — a perfect market fit for iPhone users, hence.

via TaskRabbit Drops Its Amazing iPhone App | TechCrunch.