Photo of the day July 29,2011 – Consumer in Training

Over the last couple of days, our youngest son has FINALLY taken to walking! I’m sure I’ll look back a year from now and think about the good old days when he only crawled around.

Right now though, I feel a sense of relief! My oldest son was walking at around 10 months old. My youngest is now a year and 4 months, and it has been a very long stint of crawling.

When I think back, my oldest seemed to only crawl for a month or so. I thought at the time that it was weird that babies crawl for such a short period of time. Well, now I know that some babies just love crawling so much that they don’t bother to walk for quite a while. Parents are also known to worry. I didn’t know if I should take him to the doctor to see if he was ok?

How does this relate to the photo of the day you ask? Our son decided to walk around the grocery store this evening at mach speed, hooting and hollering and steering around the corners! He went as fast as he could pushing the little kid shopping cart. I was very surprised that he didn’t mow over shoppers, or bail into the shelves. He seemed to be quite aware of how to move around a grocery store with a shopping cart! And he moved pretty fast for a one year old!

The photo is a bit blurry, but not because I moved the camera. It was from his speed! Now that he is officially a walking baby, he has some catching up to do…