One reason businesses fail. Snap decisions.

Image by BeautifulFreaks via Flickr

Today my wife and I drove to Victoria to have a day of running around and exploring. We have been looking at new strollers (ok, SHE has been looking at new strollers) and some old antique chairs. After getting the antique table a week ago, my wife has been finding cool looking chairs for really cheap. After grabbing them ($25 for 3 antique kitchen chairs!), we moved onto the most exciting part of the day.. a fairly new kids store that opened and they are the only ones in the capital that carry the particular brand my wife wanted to test drive. Yes, strollers are about the cost of a car, so I say test drive! 

Just as we pulled up to the store, the owner was getting into her car. Another customer was also walking up to the entrance at the same time to obviously do some shopping. The owner told us that she had decided to not open today so she could do some things with her kids. She said that we could come back tomorrow. My wife piped up that we had driven from out of town and wouldn’t be back. Little did the lady know we were looking at a pretty pricey stroller that only she sells.

We had checked the Facebook page and the website to make sure they were open. We were both kinda pissed! How nice of her to make such a snap decision. This reminds me of why businesses run dedicated hours. I’m in banking, and we don’t just decide to not open one day because we feel like doing something else! “Sorry folks, no money for you today…”

This is why in my opinion, this business is setting itself up for failure. Sound a little harsh? Why go all the way to another city when I can shop online? I shop locally because I want to build a relationship with the store, know they can offer me customized advice, and I can touch the product before buying. Keeping your word is as good as gold in business.

I know for sure that we will never plan on going to this store again without making a long distance call to confirm they are open. And, I may just decide it’s not worth wasting the dime because I just don’t trust them anymore…