What’s so “lovely” about summer anyways?

Here I sit, sweating to death in my living room, wondering if I will ever be able to go to sleep. My wife won’t come within 10 feet of me, because I’m a sweaty mess. Have I been running? Climbing stairs? Working hard? No. Yes. and No. The stairs weren’t all that bad though.

I notice that there is one thing about summer that bugs the shit out of me. People saying how “lovely” it is out. How is sweltering heat, dying plants, forest fires, the inability to sleep, and water restrictions lovely?

We live in a rain forest. It’s supposed to fucking rain! Yes, we have cut down a bunch of the forest, but the clouds don’t know that! Dump some water on us.

I know that people will disagree with me here, but summer is the worst season of the year. By far! It sucks for mountain biking, doing any sort of strenuous activity, hanging around outside, hanging around inside. You need to cover up, lather up with sunscreen, and drink lots of water so you don’t get heat stroke. That’s fun? WTF?

I’d write more about my hate for summer, but my fingers are slipping off the keyboard, and my vision is getting blurry. I guess I better drink more god damn water, and lie in a pool of my sweat all night. Joy…

This blog post is probably full of damn spelling mistakes and grammatical errors because my brain is shutting down from heat stroke. Damn you summer for wrecking this post. I hate you.


4 Replies to “What’s so “lovely” about summer anyways?”

  1. Jamie, I know how the heat gets you.. I get it, WOW! And it can be lovely trust me. When that sun goes down behind the hills and it has started to cool off, yet it is still bright. That is a good time of summer. Better yet early morning like now as I got up at 7am to a quiet house and a beautiful sky outside( did I mention how cool it is?) I know it is going to get warm today…I came home from camping and this is my first day NOT camping, you know it is going to be hot.

    Find a way to cope my friend, you know that this is temporary.

    We really need to get together for a bike ride soon.

    1. I got up at 5am and went for a ride. It was cooler for sure.

      The way I cope is to go to work in the air conditioning! lol.

  2. I have to agree with my brother. I’m not usually a huge summer fan, I prefer the crisp air of the fall, but being super pregnant with an increased body temp makes me dislike this summer even more!! I have a whole other issue with summer that was not considered. What to wear?? I hate shorts or anything that reveals a part of my legs and people look at you really oddly when you wear pants in 25 degree weather. So Jamie atleast you can hate summer wearing shorts and no shirt, welcome to my world!!!

    1. True. I COULD wear no shirt, but that doesn’t happen often…

      I prefer the spring, when the mornings are cool, and sunrise is early. As well, the trails aren’t overgrown yet.

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