Instagram has now been used 150,000,000 times!

I love Instagram! It is hugely popular and they just hit a milestone. In under one year people have taken over 150,000,000 photos. Holy crap!

I have done my part, and taken my fair share of them, and love how easy it is to share with friends via email, upload to popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, and easily crop and filter photos in seconds.

Here is a few words from Instagram on their blog.

On October 6, 2010 we launched Instagram in the App Store as a way for people to easily share their lives through photos taken on their iPhones. Since then, we’ve seen more than 7 million people from all around the world share photos on our platform. Today, we’re excited to announce that more than 150 million photos have been shared on Instagram and Instagrammers now share photos with one another at a rate of 15 photos per second. If you don’t yet have Instagram, you can find it for free, exclusively in the Apple App Store.


This evening I was walking around and took some quick shots to show how easy it is to use…

I’m not the best photographer in the world (I know, kinda obvious…), but I FEEL like a photographer when I use Instagram! There are about a dozen different filters, and the ability to use tilt-shift and focus in on a point in the photo.

One of the things I love when I use Instgram, is that I have each photo auto-upload to Evernote for backup! This is great for having multiple places to store photos. It saves the photo on the phone, uploads to Instagram, and with that one extra quick step of forwarding to an email address, I’ve got a third backup!

Do you use Instagram? What photo-sharing service to you have on your phone?


4 Replies to “Instagram has now been used 150,000,000 times!”

  1. Well that was a surprise!!! LOL I always knew you’d marry a beauriful woman with “CLASS”……….alway loved that about “U”…
    Happy Life lovebirds… :))

    1. haha. Are you referencing my header image of the bride flipping the bird? I just love the picture. Seriously love it.

      Yes, she is classy, funny, and my best friend. I have told her that one day I’m going to do a post of the dozens of pictures I have of her flipping me the bird…

  2. Divine… Simply divine. Your beautiful photos have inspired me to rethink some of my own images, to maybe pay a bit more attention to what I’m trying to ‘say’.

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