Photo of the day August 12,2011 – Jamie the bird catcher

Today’s photo is not the best quality, I must admit. But it represents my challenge this evening.

My wife called me today at work to let me know that there were 2 birds in the house. They had somehow gotten down our chimney, and once she let them out of the wood stove, I assumed that they would have flown towards the massive windows you see above and make their way out our sliding glass doors.

But no. In fact, birds (at least these birds) were stupid! They spent the entire day and evening trying to fly out the closed top window. The 2 birds that were in, made such a racket they attracted another bird that came in to ‘help’. So we were up to 3 birds by the time I got home.

I got home from work, and tried to think how I was going to get 25 feet up and trap them. I spent a while throwing small children’s toys to get them to start flying again. It had been 10 hours, and they were getting hungry and tired.

After a couple of hours, I finally got one of the kids butterfly nets and attached it to a expandable curtain rod, and along with my 9 foot ladder, I was in business!

I caught 2 of them! I finally gave up around 9:30pm. Good thing tomorrow is Saturday, and I can get at it again…