Is Apple going to die now that Steve Jobs has resigned?

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Today Steve Jobs submitted his resignation to the Apple Board of Directors and has officially stepped down as CEO of Apple. In the tech world, this is a huge story. Just like the day that Bill Gates left Microsoft.

How will Apple fair now that their founder is moving into the background?

Just like many companies out there, Apple will have to find out what consumers want. Steve Jobs was the best out there for determining what people were going to want. It is still not known how much of Apple’s innovation was driven by Jobs, or if it was his salesmanship that sold consumers. What I mean is that Apple hires and recruits excellent innovators in technology. All those people are still there.

I’m sure that Steve Jobs had the final say of what went out the door, but all those ideas are still flowing within the company. So, was it Steve Jobs’ ability to steer the innovation within, or was it his keen ability to sell Apple’s products as being handed down from the gods?

I personally think it was a little bit of both. I think he knew where he wanted to target in the industry, and steered his team to create those products. Then, when he was ready with the launch, he attacked. If you have ever watched a keynote speech by Steve Jobs, you know that he was the best of the best in launching a product.

I think Apple will suffer in the short term, until they are able to find a charismatic replacement that can sell Apple to the world. Microsoft didn’t need this. They just forced PC makers to install their OS on every computer. Bill Gates didn’t need to sell you to have you use his products. Apple does.

If Apple isn’t seen as the innovator anymore, there are lots of competitors out there to eat up their marketshare.

I’ve said before that I haven’t agreed with Apple’s direction over the last couple of years. They are becoming the new Microsoft. Locked down operating systems, suing anyone that competes with them directly, and getting very close to forcing consumers to buy all applications through them instead of independent developers. Maybe this was all Steve Jobs doing? If so, if Apple can turn this big monopolistic ship around, they have a chance to keep my hard earned money. With big players like Google and Microsoft investing heavily in patent technology as of late, Apple has a lot of work to do.

What are your thoughts on Steve Jobs leaving Apple?