I bought the extended warranty.

Yesterday I mentioned I went to the mall to get out of the heat. I forgot to mention that I got sold in the worst way by a sharp salesman at The Source!

I bought a great set of Sony earbuds last year for $50. I used them when I went mountain biking, but snagged one of the wires one day and they stopped working. I never like to spend any money and at the time I was kicking myself for spending $50 on earbuds.

I have been slowly shopping for a new pair.

With that in mind, I wandered into The Source…

I walked in and saw a set of Sony earbuds on half price for $24.99. A friendly guy came up and asked to help. I told him the story of my wicked earbuds. He asked if I bought them at the store. I couldn’t recall. He said, “well, if you had bought them here, and purchased the extended warranty, I could just give you a new pair.” “All you need is your name and postal code. No receipt required.”

I shrugged it off, kind of kicking myself inside for missing out.

I decided to get the new earbuds, and he said I should get the extended warranty. I told him I NEVER buy them.

He looked me in the eye, and said “really?”

“How long did your last ones last?”

“8 months”, I said.

Well, for $6, you could get 2 replacements in the next 2 years.

I did the math. He had me.

I can’t wait to wreck these ones and use the damn warranty!

Have you ever had a good reason to buy an extended warranty? For me, not until yesterday.

Damn, that salesman was good!