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We stayed at a local ‘resort’ near the ocean this weekend. The unit we had was the same one that we booked for our wedding night. Because the pool wasn’t ready then, the owner felt bad and offered us a weekend for free! Really nice. 🙂

It has been stinking hot out, so being by the water and having access to a pool helped me survive the heat. Barely. The unit didn’t have air conditioning, so I lied in a pool of my sweat all night. Gross…

Anyhow, I noticed this nicely framed image on one of her cabinets and thought I should take a picture. One thing that strikes me about little sayings like this one, is that it claims to be an old Celtic saying. I really don’t know if it is, but I like it. It’s so much more elegant than ‘Hope you have a nice day…’.

Language now a days is much more to the point. Kind of dumbed down.