Photo of the day August 28, 2011 – Old sayings


We stayed at a local ‘resort’ near the ocean this weekend. The unit we had was the same one that we booked for our wedding night. Because the pool wasn’t ready then, the owner felt bad and offered us a weekend for free! Really nice. 🙂

It has been stinking hot out, so being by the water and having access to a pool helped me survive the heat. Barely. The unit didn’t have air conditioning, so I lied in a pool of my sweat all night. Gross…

Anyhow, I noticed this nicely framed image on one of her cabinets and thought I should take a picture. One thing that strikes me about little sayings like this one, is that it claims to be an old Celtic saying. I really don’t know if it is, but I like it. It’s so much more elegant than ‘Hope you have a nice day…’.

Language now a days is much more to the point. Kind of dumbed down.


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  1. I agree there is a huge tendency for efficiency of communication rather than eloquence. I think we are from the last generation that actually had to write real letters with, you know, a pen or pencil, and paper. Most people communicate electronically with very short messages now, and unfortunately this has resulted in laziness, poor grammar and a lack of thought before pressing ‘send.’ The evolution of language has always fascinted me – we seem to have evolved to such a sophisticated level only to now be turning back the clock.

    Some people would call me a grammar Nazi, but mistakes in pluralising words and simple spelling errors drive me up the wall. Examples:

    “Your awesome dude!” (No! That’s ‘you’re’ as in ‘you are’ not ‘something that belongs the person of reference’ – does the awesome really belong to the dude?)

    “Brochure’s are available for download on our website.” (This is from a document at work, believe it or not. I wonder what, precisely, belongs to the brochure?)

    One thing to keep in mind however, is that the prevalence and immediacy of modern communications overshadows the fact that, historically, few people publicly wrote anything. Until only a few generations ago, it was quite common not to finish or even to not go to school. The beauty of language we look back upon was written by a few well educated people.

    Regardless of my grammar Nazi tendency, I do surprisingly find beauty in written language today in that it is so full of originality and emotion, as exampled by “soz gotta run! cul8r!” (Sorry, I have to run! See you later!) I can clearly see the young person in my mind, noticing the time, and running off to catch a bus. It may bother some people, but to be honest when typing with two thumbs on an iPhone, it is much easier to bash out a simple message like this. I doubt people will hang these kinds of messages on their walls in the future, however. They are more akin to speech than text.

    I’m sure I’ll be one of those old men sitting in a rocking chair, banging a cane against the porch rail, complaining about ‘all those kids’ and saying things like “in my day, our teachers would beat us if we didn’t write properly…”

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