My 1 year Anniversary with RTM! My thoughts on our relationship.


Today I renewed my yearly license as a Remember the Milk Pro user. Over the years software has come and gone and I have shelled out my fair share to developers…Very few of them gave me the value that Remember the Milk does. I know loads of people check out my review of RTM vs Nozbe vs Nirvana, so I thought I would take a minute to write about my experience. Here are my thoughts on what Remember the Milk has done for me this last year, and where I want to see it go from here.

  • Smart Add Rocks – Before RTM, I had a brief relationship with Nozbe. Switching over was a breath of fresh air. Why? Because data entry shouldn’t be a process in frustration. When I enter in an idea, a reminder, or important task, I should be able to do it all in one fluid motion. With Nozbe, I entered in the gist of what I wanted to accomplish, but to tag it, create a due date, to make it part of a project, or to get it out of my inbox, it took mouse clicks and multiple steps. No one offers the Smart Add feature like RTM. With every task manager I’ve ever tried(15-20 of them), they are all way behind RTM on data entry. Example, I can type, “Pump up the van tires #. #errand ^tomorrow !1” and this shows as Pump up the van tires and is removed from my inbox, put in the @errand list, shows on my due items tomorrow and shows a top priority. It simply kicks ass…
  • RTM Saves Marriages – Remember the Milk saved my wedding. Well, maybe it didn’t save the getting married part of the event, but it definitely made getting stuff done a whole lot easier! I had multiple projects as you can imagine, and by tagging them and saving those tags as Smart Lists I had fast access to orderly lists. If all my tasks were in one big list, I would have melted from the stress of the workload. Breaking them down into smaller projects with the tags and Smart Lists saved the day!
  • Significant Others will love RTM  – My wife and I were always talking about my inability to recall things that she asked me to do. I recognized the problem, and once I finished reading Getting Things Done by David Allen, and implementing it in Remember the Milk, SHE was convinced that I had found the solution! Now, she starts out every conversation where I need to remember to do something with, “Put in Remember the Milk…”. I get out my iPhone in preparation for my next thing to do for her. She relies on RTM more than her own calendar! She will tell me to put something in my account and she knows that I will remind her then. Way better than opening up Google Calendar.
  • My work/life balance is well, balanced! – I use RTM for all my reminders and tasks. Personal and work related items. The old saying that you should leave your work at work is not really true. We all remember something important while sitting and watching TV, or waking up at night. By adding everything into RTM, I know that when I get to work and load it up in my browser, that I will not miss that important thought. Another nice thing of having one place for everything, is that every morning at 6am I have RTM email me my due items for that day. While I sit and have a cup of coffee, I can see some of the important things I need to do today once I get to work!
  • User feedback is encouraged(& rewarded) – Over the last year I have been working on moving my paper files into the digital realm. I have been using Evernote for this. There is quite a push on the RTM forum to integrate Evernote into RTM. The forum is a great place to get assistance with issues, share your productivity ideas, and vote for new features. The developers are very active on the forum, and are always looking for member feedback! They even encourage you to share your ideas for a chance to be featured on their Tips & Tricks Tuesday. If you are featured, you get a year paid Pro upgrade! Their support for Pro users is fast! I emailed them yesterday about my account, and had a person reply within an hour!
  • What next? – There are loads of To Do Apps out there, and more are being developed every day. For RTM to stay ahead of the curve they need to attract new users…The biggest thing I would recommend is modernize their website. I use the ‘A bit better RTM’ plugin in Firefox to make it more bearable, but there are tons of complaints from people that other competitors look nicer. I tend to agree. I say, create themes for users to pick from… Another thing I would like to see is Evernote integration, as I mentioned above. This would be a killer feature for quick reference to documents you may need to reference for a particular project or task.

Well, Happy Anniversary to us! I hope the next year is as good as our first!


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