Postaday2011 Challenge. 8 months down, 4 to go!

Yesterday I came up to my 8th month of posting every day in 2011! I’m enjoying the experience. Here are a few things I have learned from this blogging challenge so far.

  1. Just like anything, practice makes perfect. By posting every day I seem to be able to ramble off a post in a far faster time than before! I am far less picky as to what I put out there. Whether that’s a good thing or not, I guess I’ll see…
  2. The things that I normally like to talk about aren’t necessarily the posts that get the most comments or traffic! Surprise…I don’t have the pulse of the online community. lol. There are times where I hardly post a damn thing, and it gets fantastic response…
  3. Most of my comments seem to be on my Photo of the Day posts.  People seem to like blog posts that are short and sweet. Concise content…Makes sense to me. And people like pictures.
  4. If you post every day, people start to subscribe in numbers! Before starting the challenge, I had a couple of regular subscribers, but now I have close to 30.
  5. In my stats, I’m seeing far more variety in where my links are coming from. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, as well as the Zemanta traffic. I’m also finding people are remembering my site and simply heading straight to my home page to get updates! First time since I started years ago.
  6. I now get a bit of writer’s block that I’ve never experienced before! Now that I have a daily deadline, I need to come up with something to write! That’s when by brain short circuits. In the past, I only wrote when I felt I had something to share. Now, I have a silent editor breathing down my back to hit ‘Publish’…
  7. My traffic has increased dramatically over last year! So far I’ve had 28,000 visitors in 2011. In all of 2010, I had 16,000 or so. That makes blogging much more fun when you know people are actually checking out what you have to say!

I’d love to hear from other bloggers in the challenge and how it’s going for you. Leave a comment. 🙂


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