Photo of the Day – Cultures at the beach

Today we went to Parksville, and the kids spent hours at the beach playing in the sand. They were having a great time!

We eventually went to the play park close by and they ran off to play again. Next to where we were sitting was a family of about 6 to 8 people. Two of the men were cooking some meat on a small hibachi. What caught my eye was the cool looking pipe sitting on the picnic table!

I asked them if I could take a picture of it. They said sure! It is some kind of water pipe. I don’t recall what they call it, but we had a nice discussion about it. The pipe was from Syria.

The family may also have been from there too, but I didn’t ask. I did ask if it got handed down through the generations. They said that fancy ones did but not this one.

It was nice to see lots of different families from all over at the park. And to see something so interesting!


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    1. Right! He said something like that. I thought he said Hookay. I asked if that is what we call it in Canada. I said we would call it a bong…lol

      Thanks for the reference Trent!

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