Alpaca Wrangling. Unedited and for your entertainment!

We have been caring for 4 male alpacas for a while at the beautiful property we have been caretaking on. Our yearly lease is coming up next March and we are starting the slow and steady purging that needs to take place.

One of the hardest decisions was getting rid of our beloved alpacas. They are such easy to care for animals, and our children have loved their time with them. Because we rent, it makes it even harder to find an appropriate place to rent if we mention, “oh, we have a cat, and 4 male alpacas”. Most of the places in our price range are close to town and the lots are smaller. Not the type of places you want to raise alpacas!

Our current property is 14 acres, and the alpacas have been loving their freedom, and unlimited pastures to graze. We have been fortunate to have the type of property to keep them year round without much of an effort. They would sleep in the small forest on one part of the property, drink fresh water from the pond, and find more grass than they knew what to do with. They had many social hangout spots and various bushes and trees to find shade in the heat. They also loved hanging around in the sprinkler we set up.

Today was the day we had to say goodbye. The challenge is that alpacas that are untrained are a bit wild and they don’t do what you want like a pet. Alpaca treats would only get you so far, so knowing this, I told the new ‘caretakers’ to bring a helping hand to wrangle them.

At one point during the process of moving them from the enclosure I had set up, to the trailer they brought to transport them, Penny, the new Alpaca farmer said, “you weren’t kidding about wrangling alpacas”. This was after her son(or son-in-law) was thrown into barbed wire fencing by Donkey, our misbehaving leader of the pack. Joel was left with a large scrape on his back and puncture wounds. He held up like a trooper though and helped me finish the last one.

I have converted the video and have decided to upload it for you to see! The video was too long for Youtube( 15 minute maximum ) so I split it in two. Part 2 is far more exciting as you get to see the us get exhausted and try to manage getting them in the trailer! (A word of warning, the audio really got messed up with all the conversions I did, so I will try again in the next few days to fix it. The video is still fine though)

Alpacas are quite strong and if you aren’t paying attention, they can buck you off and stomp on you. Though they aren’t as big as a horse, they are 150 pounds of solid muscle. It takes a lot of effort to control them.

So, without further ado, here are the videos. Keep in mind they are filmed by a chatty 8 year old!

And, the last point. None of the alpacas were hurt in the making of these videos. In fact, Joel got the worst of the injuries. I hope his tetanus shots are up to date!