Got some Nozbe inside scoop from the founder…

Recently I had a nice referral from GTD Wizard after he enjoyed my post on my 1st Anniversary using Remember the Milk. He was questioning the cost of maintaining his yearly subscription with Nozbe, and is thinking he may try RTM as his GTD solution.

I subscribed to his thread and noticed a comment from the founder of Nozbe, Michael Sliwinski on some upcoming improvements to his GTD service. Here is the comment from him.

Thanks for the review and sorry to see you go 😦

We’re just hiring more engineering power to finish off our beta Mac/Windows and Android apps. We’re getting there and we’re going to show some great and revolutionary interface to the Desktop app very soon so I’m hoping you’d at least give it a try 🙂

Nozbe is still priced at 2 lattes per month and it all comes down to how much time it actually saves you when you manage stuff with it. Time is money 🙂

Anyway, thanks for your support and for great blog posts and believe me, I’m the founder and I also can’t wait to have all the apps ready and running smoothly. I feel we’re close to have the perfect native multi-platform ecosystem so we’re getting there 🙂

via Time to reduce my productivity costs! | GTD Wizard.

I hope that Nozbe keeps pushing the envelope on development. If there is one thing about Nozbe I love is that they are quite cutting edge in productivity management. If Michael Sliwinski can get faster data input, there will be far more people switching to Nozbe even at 2 lattes a month!


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