Photo of the Day – Country meets City

Today we were coming back from a trip to Vancouver, and had just parked at the ferry terminal. I looked to my right and saw this! It’s may be obvious but the hood ornament was getting quite a lot of attention…I overheard the owner of this awesome minivan proclaim that he got his inspiration from eBay???I don’t quite get the reference, other than to assume one evening he drank WAY TOO MUCH BEER, and won the bid for the horns…

One thing I like about my memory, is that once in a while I see the strangest item, and it triggers people from my past. These horns were one of those items.

When I was a bike courier in Vancouver I knew this guy named Dave that wore a cowboy hat underneath his Bell bike helmet. On the handlebars he had affixed a set of bull horns with some rope. He had done a pretty bang up job too!

He rode around the city like an urban cowboy. He was riding his metal horse. He was the most talented rider on the road too. One day Dave disappeared much like couriers do in an industry of transients. I heard he went off to do stunt double work in the movies.

I don’t know if it’s true, but the legend of Dave stuck, and I have always had this vision in my head of him in a movie riding off into the sunset with his cowboy hat/helmet on his 18 speed mountain bike…


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