How to Make Your To-Do List Doable – Lifehacker

I am a big fan of To-Do lists. My wife started me on them a couple of years ago because she loved them, and well, I loved her. What better way to try out something new?

I use a custom system that blends paper and Remember the Milk to manage my tasks. I am up to reviewing my system all the time, and am a big advocate of Lifehacker’s posts on To-Do lists and productivity. I wanted to share one of their latest posts with you…

You Are the Boss of You

At any point during the workday, you are in one of two modes: thinking mode (that’s you with the Boss hat on) and action mode (that’s you with the Personal Assistant hat on). When a project or task comes up, the steps you need to take start to form in your mind. Now you’re in thinking/Boss mode – the guy/gal who gives the orders. Your to-do list is a collection of those orders, which your Assistant personality will later pick up and do.

When you’re wearing your Boss hat, it’s up to you to write down the instructions in such a way that your Assistant self can just do them without having to think – or stress. Taking the thinking out of the acting is one of the best ways to make your to-do list a cinch to finish off.

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