How do you set up your Google+ Circles? Here’s mine so far.

***Edit** – I’ve now added 2 more Circles to the mix…

  1. Private Msgs – This circle came from a post on how to keep track of private message and their histories. When I message someone on G+(share a post with only the person you wish to talk with), I also share it with this Circle. There is no one in this empty circle, but sorting by selecting it now shows all the private messages I’ve had. Kind of like an e-mail inbox. Nice tip!
  2. Celebreties – I did split my Stalking circle as people I find interesting online, and celebrities. Why? Celebrities don’t usually add much content that I will use in my life. How much can Paris Hilton or Snoop Dogg offer me for advice?


Image by The Daring Librarian via Flickr

Google+ is still in it’s infancy. Any time a new online service is launched to the public, there is a learning curve for new users. The best way to overcome confusion is to share ‘best practices‘ with everyone. I’m not saying my way is the best way, however when it comes to Google+ Circles, I have set up a small amount of Circles that make sense and work for me.

If anyone is confused with Google+ Circles, here is what I do to keep people straight, keep my stream from becoming unmanageable, and not share unwanted snippets of my boring life with everyone out there…

My circles right now

1) Stalking Circle. I follow many people that are in the tech community. Anyone that I find interesting, I add them to this circle. I never share personal information with this circle, only follow posts and interact with other Plusers on posts. It’s a great way to follow celebrities, and other people that you don’t know or don’t know you. I treat this like my Twitter feed. There is loads of content on Google+, and sorting this group keeps my Stream orderly.
2) Friends Circle is anyone that I know personally. I add anyone here that I am comfortable sharing personal details with and my photo albums. For most people, your friends circle will resemble your Facebook friends list, except as of today will be a lot smaller. That’s not a bad thing…
3) Groups.  I set up individual circles for each distinct group I am part of a discussion with. I am part of a family oriented group on Facebook, for instance, with other like minded people. The group is very active, so I have created a special circle to keep these posts and discussions separate from my Stream. I envision this group like any group I’ve been a part of in the virtual world. Everyone in here I probably have never met, but really enjoy sharing with and being part of the Facebook group I was part of. Slowly I add photo albums to share with these groups that aren’t incriminating and may be useful to share…
4) Acquaintances. People I know a little bit(unlike my Stalking Circle with strangers), but am not comfortable sharing all my personal details with. This group will mostly see my public blog posts, or anything else that I would have posted on Twitter. I also put those people that I have known for far too long and simply don’t trust them with not being a stalker or getting into all their drama. Luckily, because I am a bit of a loner, there aren’t too many in this Circle.
5) Family. Obvious here. Immediate and extended family. They have access to my photo albums and I share most of my posts with(except the slobbering drunk pics. haha) . My least active Circle honestly, because most of my family is very tech illiterate, though I have hopes. 🙂

I will add more group circles once more active discussions occur in Google+. Mountain Biking groups, businesses and news sites, linux groups, etc…

What Circles have you created and how do you use this amazing sorting feature?

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