20 years ago today Nirvana released Nevermind. Is that possible?

1991: Spencer Elden at three months old on the...
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Today I feel old. Not because I am, but because I am looking back 20 years to an epic moment in music history as if it happened yesterday! Where did the time go?

Nirvana‘s Nevermind album came out two decades ago this today! Holy crap. It is the quintessential album that defined our generation. At least that’s what it meant to me…Every generation has that one band. The Beatles in the 60’s. Elvis in the 50’s. For most people that one band locks you in some time warp. For instance, I am stuck in the grunge era. The music from the early 90’s really spoke to me.

Then, you see something that wakes you up! 20 years later, here is the baby from the album! What the hell? He’s a grown up now!


I am now going to go and listen to some grunge music and rock out like it’s 1991…Just not too hard, or I’ll bruise my hip…