I had to type in Qwerty today. And I hated it…

I had an exciting day today. I made a job move and started at a new location.

You have probably been there before, where you get used to having your computer workstation and office set up a certain way. I’ve had the same set up for over a year.

When I got in my new office, the first thing I did was remove the company keyboard and mouse. Then I hooked up my Unicomp keyboard and Logitech Trackman Marble Wheel. I felt right at home. Except…

My IS department was a bit short staffed today. And the guy that set up my profile at my old branch was away for the day. What did that mean? They couldn’t change my keyboard setting over to Dvorak! Ugh.

What makes it worse is that I changed over my keys to match the Dvorak layout. Yes, it looks really pimp. Except now that I had to spend all day typing in Qwerty, I couldn’t even hunt and peck! I had to sit there and remember where all the keys were supposed to be!

I must have typed at about 5 words a minute! lol. Anytime I had to communicate with our messaging app, I used acronyms and shortened words as much as possible.

Tomorrow will be a better day…As long as my IS guy isn’t sick again! Please, come to work tomorrow Mike!


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