Photo of the Day – Double Plus

A couple of months ago we got some exciting news! We are expecting another baby in the house. I forgot all about the picture I took of the ‘surprise’ I got one day on my lunch break.

I came home during the day to have lunch with my bride and our son, and she had a smile on her face. She told me to close my eyes, as she had a present for me! I love presents! Especially since we are not that type of couple that does presents very often. It usually means we have bought something cute or funny for each other.

I closed my eyes and she put 2 long stick things into my outstretched hands. I tried to guess, and my first thought was that she had bought me individually wrapped Kit Kat chocolate bars. lol.

Of course, I opened my eyes, and I then spent the next minute trying to sort out the present. You see, I’ve never taken a pregnancy test before, being a guy and all. So I saw a – and + on them. I then looked at my wife to help me decipher this puzzle. Her smile gave me the answer! 🙂

Anyhow, it’s a few months along now, and safe to let it out there that we are insane and are adding to the boat load of children we already have!


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