Google+ is failing. Fast.

Today I decided to re-activate my Facebook account. Why? Because Google+ is getting boring…

I use Twitter all the time to follow interesting people from multiple industries and interests. One of the big mistakes that I think Google has made, is that they haven’t added any business accounts, or News that isn’t tech related. One of the things I enjoy reading is professional websites and bloggers offering up fast tips, up to date news, and a personalized perspective on world events. I’m sure it’s on there, but how do you find it? At least Twitter offers up ‘suggested users’ to follow.

For whatever reason, of the 400+ people I follow(or circle) on Google+, the majority are there talking about Google+ or digital photography. That’s fine, but only if that was only a piece of the content. In my experience on there, circling a bunch of people results in tons of duplicate posts.

It is like a bloated Twitter feed. Almost none of my friends or family are on there. With almost all the people I enjoy following also cross-posting on Twitter, I have to start asking myself if Google+ is the social network without a home.

Here is a post by Gizmodo about the slow death of Google+…I don’t know if I care right now if they are right.

Google+’s traffic is taking a long slide down the shitter, having lost last month’s entire 1269% traffic spike. Reading this forced me to remember it exists. Google+ is simply worse than Facebook. And you know what? It’ll never catch up.

There’s nothing complicated about Plus’ meteoric hype party and subsequent thud. It goes like this:

(Almost) everyone loves Facebook.

(Almost) everyone loves Google.

Google says they’ve got a Facebook replacement.

We all go wide-eyed—could it be better than Facebook?

Google+ is invite-only.

We love feeling cool and having an invite.

We fool ourselves.

We get bored.

via Why Google+ Will Never Beat Facebook.