The Lifehacker Workout – Easy to follow, and stick to…

Exercise instructor, counting down to 2
Image by Ed Yourdon via Flickr

I got back on the running bandwagon this week after reading and sharing this blog post at Zen Habits. Tonight I went for a 20 minute run, along with 5 minutes of breathing exercises. I’m attempting to make some permanent changes to the way I exercise. I tend to push myself to go faster, or longer, and end up plateauing and getting frustrated. I get in shape, then slowly loose it, get pissed that I’m not as fit as I want to be, and start up a regiment again.

For anyone that reads my blog, here is another exercise program that may help keep you on track to better health!

Extreme exercise programs like P90X, CrossFit, and Insanity will without a doubt kick you into the best shape of your life in a very short amount of time—but only if you stick with their crazy-for-most routines. The majority of people (trainers I’ve spoken with say something like 9 out of 10) give up on these workouts because they’re really intense and require an hour almost every day to do them.

We’ve created a workout that borrows a few of the best ideas from these popular, though extreme, fitness programs, but tailored the workout to be easier for the average person to stick with, and we’ve plugged it into Fleetly, a group exercising webapp and iPhone app, so we can all work towards a shared goal of getting fit. It’s equipment-free, it’s something anyone can incorporate in their day regardless of their current fitness level, but it’s still about incorporating fitness in your life. This is The Lifehacker Workout.

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