Google has been on fire with announcements! I’m Excited!

It seems like every couple of hours today one of the big tech blogs is reporting big news from the Google camp. If you’ve been following my tweets you can see my excitement!

Yesterday I mentioned that Google was going to allow their branded Google Apps accounts access to Google+. I like the move, but on it’s own it seems like no big deal.

But today I read far more around some of the big changes happening that make Google+ seem more attractive to me. Once I can use my main Google Apps account to share content, using services like Google Reader makes sense. I currently use Google Reader heavily for RSS feeds and finding content. That along with Twitter…I haven’t posted too much from Reader to share with anyone because Google+ is still under an old Gmail account. Google announced today that Reader will be merged is some form with Google+ next week. Then, if I follow and share interesting content from my years of building content from interesting blogs, it seamlessly can be shared with friends and family on Google+. At least that is what I hope happens.

One big thing missing from Google+ currently is branded accounts(web sites with pages to share), and people that haven’t been comfortable using their real names and haven’t signed up for Google+. One blogger said today that they essentially have been allowing ‘some’ people to use phsydonames as Lady Gaga has a Google+ account and that’s not her real name. Well now it won’t just be the rich and famous. Anyone that can prove their age(from the sounds of it) will be able to join Google+ with whatever handle they like.

And lastly, there was a leaked ‘internal’ video made by Google about upcoming changes within Gmail itself. It’s about time they made major updates, and it looks pretty good!

Here is the video! Enjoy…

So, a big day on the Google front! And all of it seems to be coming in the next week or so! Woot!