Gun happy police officer in Oakland shoots protesters with stun grenade.

I get really irritated when I see shit like this. I spent years attending peaceful protests while I lived in Vancouver. In fact, I can say that I helped organize a couple of them as well. Student protests, anti-racist rallies etc…Here in Canada, we live in a place where it is normally quite safe to congregate in crowds and state your opinions. It is an integral part of our ‘democracy’ to protest.

There were always a few troublemakers that would show up at our rallies and try to instigate a fight with police. Let’s just call them the professional protesters. Some of them get into situations that could be seen as “getting what’s coming to them”.

I disagree.

I hold the police at a higher standard of accountability. They are trained to know how to handle problems. Unfortunately, more often that we would like to admit, they fuck it up.

People need to be allowed to peacefully congregate without fear of getting shot by the police, and the Occupy movement has been doing a great job doing that. It is making the police look bad when they try to start the conflict.

Here are a couple of Anonymous tweets about today’s events in Oakland.!/AnonyOps/status/129338658900815872!/AnonyOps/status/129338262442610688!/AnonyOps/status/129334815135776769!/AnonyOps/status/129308671158128641

I hope the officer involved loses his job. He doesn’t have the public’s safety at heart.