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Google Plus logo

Image by Bruce Clay, Inc via Flickr

Today Google came through with their promise to include their paying Google Apps customers to the Google+ bandwagon. It is something that I have been waiting a few months for! Woot.

There are a few little hiccups with the launch but overall, I am happy that I can now use one Google account for all my photos, social media, and email. Once I download all my photos from the one Picasa account and upload to my Google Apps account, I should be up and running. 

The Share this Circle feature made it really easy to recreate all the people I follow within a few minutes. In a few weeks Google promises to offer a migration tool to merge old Gmail Google+ accounts with their Google Apps accounts. Seeing that I only had maybe 50 people following my old profile, and I’ve got a dozen already adding me to their circles under my Google Apps account, I’m going to be up and running with my permanent account in no time!

Over the next little while Google will be adding Google Reader to Google+, and I am waiting to see how that goes. I use Google Reader for much of my news and keeping up with the world. I hope the layout is similar and sharing is slick.

Really though, is it such a big deal for most people? I notice much of the tech community is all over the announcement, but as of right now, there doesn’t seem to be much incentive for the general population to use Google+.

I will probably try to post my Twitter content in duplicate on Google+ to see if it will generate some conversations. As of right now I get far more from my discussions with my 150 Facebook “friends” than posting in Google+ and on Twitter combined.

Are you using Google+ yet? If so, look me up and add me to your circles! I will be adding all my blog posts on there…