Why do old movies look SO bad later on?

Tonight we are sitting around watching Ghostbusters 2. The majority of the movie I laughed my ass off at the effects. Why do old movies look so bad?

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I know the answer everyone thinks of is probably that effects today are so much better. But I have a different theory. Our memory of the movies is wrong. The first time we see a movie, we remember the emotions and plot of the movie, and overlook the special effects. That’s not what we take from movies.

Sure, we talk about the special effects, but have you ever seen a movie where the special effects were fantastic but the plot sucked? I know I have, and the overall rating I give to a movie like that is that it sucked. If I hate a movie, I’ll never go back and watch it again. But a movie with a good plot, and that is well written, I’ll watch again.

Years later we go back to relive those great movies, and it’s not the same. The same feelings don’t come back. We already know what’s going to happen.

It’s much like falling in love. The emotions and sensations at first are intense. But they simmer down. They change. Sometimes we look at our relationships and think that something is wrong too. But nothing has changed really. Just the intensity of the emotions.

So, we look back at old movies and can’t get the same feelings and intensity of emotions, and look at the special effects as being the reason we aren’t enjoying it as much as before.

Even with the cheesy effects, I still enjoyed the movie tonight!


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  1. Hmm..that’s a good reason actually. I also think memory plays a part in it ? We sometimes tend to remember things our way..not so much the emotions you have rightly mentioned, but also the way the movie played out..well at least for me I think that’s also partly the reason. So when I re watch a movie, I get a little disappointed because the actual movie doesn’t seem as vivid or as cool as the first time I watched it.

    Did that just make sense? LOL

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