What gives you irrational anxiety? I’ll go first!

Tonight my wife(love you honey…) and I were having a discussion over furniture. You see, we are going to be moving next spring and are pretty certain that we know the house we are going to be living in. Sweet! Right?

We have been very fortunate to be in a massive house for the last couple of years but this has been a bad way to amass a shitload of stuff. The house we may be moving into is quite a bit smaller…To top it off, we are expecting a baby in the same week as we move in! That will make for 4 kids between us and we will need to plan for more baby stuff. And more specifically, organize all the baby stuff.

We have been slowly downsizing this year. We have gotten rid of 3 couches, and the two older boys are being transitioned into twin beds from their queen sized ones that they have been fortunate to sprawl in. I’ve done a few loads to the Recycling Exchange and have enjoyed emptying the van each and every time. My anxiety lessens as well with every load of crap I take to the dump.

My wife thinks we need to be better prepared for our next baby. One thing we need is more dressers, she says. Because over the last couple of days, we have had two new ones enter the garage…This evening we brought home the twin bed for our oldest. But something made my stomach flop when I pulled it out of the minivan.

Where to put it?

I panic! It goes something like this in my head…”Where are we going to put all this stuff?” “We have TOO MUCH STUFF!” “Why do we need ANOTHER dresser?” “Why can’t we wait until AFTER we move to get that?” “We need a China cabinet?” “Why do we need table linens anyways?” “I’m going to have to move ALL this stuff by myself while you’re ULTRA-PREGNANT” I made the mistake to say the last one out loud…

I remember moving into this house. We did a poor job preparing for the move as we had only a month to get ready and we were expecting our most recent son, and my wife was quite sick at the time. Stuff was just thrown in boxes, and we filled a 5 ton truck to the gills quite easily. It was a tough move…Then, baby came and it took us months to unpack.

This move will probably be much the same. At least the baby on the way part.

I have to remind myself that we have given away a lot of things, and the big ticket items are leaving the building, so to speak. Probably the only thing that makes me feel a sense of relief is that if all goes well, we will know 5 months in advance about the move and can prepare far better!

Some people have irrational fears and anxieties about spiders, crowds, carnies…Me? It’s too much furniture and the slow build up of ‘stuff’.




5 Replies to “What gives you irrational anxiety? I’ll go first!”

  1. Ooo..mine is a morbid fear of insects..ALL insects except for flies and mosquitoes and the occasional ladybug. When I mean fear…I mean a panic attack!

    1. My wife too! She screams when she sees a spider…It’s kind of cute actually. Makes me feel like I’m saving the day when I kill it. Very manly. haha

  2. ahahahahaha! reading your reply about the whole thing being cute and feeling manly..for some reason got me laughing out loud..hehehe

  3. Yes. I too have a fear of too much stuff. I also live with a packrat and a packrat in the making. Sigh.

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