Movember is over! Thanks to those that donated and helped out!

Today ended my moustache growing attempt for Movember 2011. It was a fun time raising awareness towards men health issues!  I think the campaign is brilliant! Everyday I had a conversation with someone about Movember, and what it represents.

I think I’ll make it an annual event.

This year I’ve raised $347 towards prostate cancer research! Thank you everyone that took the time to donate, and the efforts of my co-workers that raised 1/2 the money in a silent auction and Jean’s Day events! Specifically my co-worker Laura who organized the events and collected the donations for me.

Thank you again for participating and bringing awareness to men’s health!

Now, off to get the razor and shaving cream so I can start to grow my beard back!



It is time that this was a reality!

I enjoyed this short film a lot! It made me happy, sad, and angry…I won’t ruin it for you…

What are your thoughts on me putting ads on this site?

Today announced that they were opening up the ability to make some money on blogs hosted there. They are starting with blogs that have Custom Domains, like mine!

I wanted to hear from you, my two visitors, and see if you would be OK with me trying to make a small amount to cover the costs of running the site? I am a bit apprehensive about placing ads if they take away from my witty commentary. haha.

I remember signing up for Google Ads a few years ago when I ran my site. The problem was that it looked for words in my content. So as an example, if I was writing about how evolution is true and creationism is not, Google would place ads on a book about how creationism was true or Darwin was a fake. Kinda the opposite of the content I was talking about.

So, I am excited, but with bated breath. I hope WordPress gets it right!

Here is a bit more about the new program.

Some of you may have seen the announcement that has partnered with Federated Media (FM) to provide advertising representation to bloggers. We would like to extend an invitation to you to raise your hand if you are interested in this program by entering this brief form.

WordAds is 100% optional and is designed for bloggers who would like to earn money from their blogs by showing high quality ads from brand advertisers. FM is well known for representing top blogs with high quality ads for sites like BoingBoing and Apple Insider.

Working with, FM can now extend its representation to more sites.

Here is a link for more information. WordAds.

Some of the Best GTD Apps for Android Phones 2011

I am waiting for the day I can switch over to Android. But until that day comes(Decemeber 2012 to be precise), I will get my kicks from looking at all the great apps in the Marketplace!

What better category of apps to follow than GTD(Getting Things Done) for Android?

Here is an article of some of the best GTD Android Apps currently out there I thought you might like!

There are many different GTD apps that are available for Android phones. All cell phone plans and phones make downloading apps easy to do for your android phone.

Android phones are typically able to access an Android Market in order to download the apps. How do you decide which task master is right for you?

The following five GTD apps are all good, but each one has its own special features.

via Some of the Best GTD Apps for Android Phones.

Photo of the day – Movember is drawing to a close

Movember is coming to a close! I’m REALLY looking forward to shaving my face! I remind me of my dad. Not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I remind myself of my dad from my dad’s era.

You see, pretty much no guys from my generation have a moustache. Just like when women get certain hair styles to stay modern, buy up to date fashions, to feel sexy and attract a mate, a man tries to wear facial hair that attracts  a mate too.

With this mo, I have to say, I feel 50+. With a wife that’s 31, I don’t blame her for not wanting to kiss me this last month. But, man it sucks!

I take it all with a grain of salt. Movember is a brilliant campaign to bring awareness to men health issues. So, I will wear it to finish off the month, but can’t wait for my razor next Thursday morning!

Photo of the day – Black Friday finally paid off!

See those shoes? No big deal, right? Well, let me tell you, these are the first pair of running shoes I’ve bought in almost 10 years!

I’ve been trying to run on a more regular basis as I can’t seem to find the time to get mountain bike rides in. However, there’s been a problem. My knees have been sore. This has never happened before.

I was talking to my sister and brother-in-law recently about trying to run more, and my knees bugging me. She said, “Well, how old are your shoes?”. Um, older than my oldest son…Ya, I guess that’s a problem.

I’m really picky when it comes to buying me anything. I usually pick a price that I wish to pay for something, and if I can’t find it at that price, I don’t get it.

For the last 15 years, I’ve decided I haven’t wanted to pay more that $75 for running shoes. The problem with that is that at some point good quality shoes go up in price along with inflation. I have been able to find shoes around $75, but they haven’t been good running shoes.

Then, along comes Black Friday! I never have shopped during this almost exclusively US shopping frenzy, however today I was at my local mall, and this sports store was advertising Black Friday sales.

Low and behold, they had a $150 pair of actual ‘running shoes’ on sale for $74.99! One penny below my threshold!


If it’s not pissing out tomorrow, I think I’m going on a run during my lunch. My knees may even thank me!

Photo of the day – What did I come in here for?

Have you ever walked into a room, and didn’t recall why you went into the room in the first place? I think we all have!

One of the things I’ve noticed now that I’m a dad (and a heavily sleep deprived one at that), is that I wander into the kitchen all the time, and don’t know the exact reason I was in there. Was it to start cleaning up? Did my wife ask me to come in here to grab something for her? Did I have something in my hands that needed to be dropped there? Was there a cold beer in the fridge? Did we eat all the ice cream? The answer to all those questions is probably yes. Except the beer, sadly.

What the hell did I come in here to do anyway?

And, what was the purpose of this post?