Annual employment benefits enrolment is depressing

This week is my company’s annual group enrolment for ‘flexible benefits’. It’s depressing to complete it. It is like I have to re-write my will every year. Crap.

Maybe it’s just that my life has changed so much over the last few years. Maybe it’s all the children I’ve got now that need to be taken care of. Maybe it’s thinking of my wife trying to make it without me around. It’s really upsetting to think of what happens when a parent dies, or if I do.

This last week, a young pilot died in a plane crash in Richmond BC. He was around the same age as me. He was the only one to not survive the terrible accident. He had a young child, and it made his death more personal for me.

I’m now 40, and hope to live a long life, and I hate to think about death. Honestly I don’t think too many people like to think about it either.

But why do I have to go over my benefits once a year and think about it all? Sure, it’s the responsible this to do, but I wish the benefits were set up once and I’d call them if I wanted to make changes.

I know I’m fortunate to have such great benefits, and I should be happy to enrol each and every year. Too bad I’m off to bed tonight sad as shit…


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  1. Mortality is a “funny” thing. I just had someone tell me that we, as humans are always thinking of death. Its true in a way..we all think that the end point in our life is death..and that’s depressing. Don’t really need a form to fill up every year to remind us of that!

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