Photo of the day – He who laughs last

Tonight my wife and I went out on our 2nd date in 2 years! Woot. It was a special day of sorts as one year ago today I proposed to her(and she said yes). We decided to celebrate last year by going out for Japanese food. This year we had our lucky stars line up and had my mother-in-law offer to babysit for us so we could go out. Little did she know when she offered that it lined up perfectly with our engagement date!

We decided to go back to the same Japanese restaurant. It was quite nostalgic. With no kids in tow we went to the movies! Something that parents NEVER GET TO DO! We saw the political thriller “The Ides of March“. It was enjoyable. But before you get excited,  I’m not about to do a movie review here.

I happened to take something from the movie that I didn’t expect. That some people are far more calculating, conniving, and plain selfish than me. I knew while watching the movie that I could never be in charge of a political campaign. I was OK at chess as a kid, but these political campaigners are brilliant, and can think 10 moves ahead.

It reminded me of the photo above I took last week. Slow thinking people may laugh last, but eventually they still get the joke.