Google+ adds Pages for businesses and brands to the fold! Yes!

Finally a Google+ feature I’ve been waiting for. Businesses, non-profits, bloggers, and brands can easily create and moderate a Google+ page. With the organizing capabilities of G+, I quickly had a News Circle created with 45 sites. If the content can start to build, this will be a huge um, plus for Google+.

I have a Page on Facebook, but I get most of my traffic and referrals from people sharing my blog posts on Twitter and from my personal Facebook page. I’ve yet to have more than 35-40 people “Like” my Facebook page.

I’m hoping with the hashtag capabilities in Google+, and the conversations that take place on there, I can garner a new and expanded audience.

If you are using Google+, add my Page,!


2 Replies to “Google+ adds Pages for businesses and brands to the fold! Yes!”

  1. Loved when they announced this! I immediately went out and got myself one. I’m in the same boat with Facebook. My page there has been nearly useless. Good to know I’m not alone in this. What would you say is the best advantage to G+ pages over Facebook pages?

    1. My feeling is that there will be more active conversations. I have almost no chatter on my Facebook Page, but G+ is more about conversation. I hope hashtags can also bring new readers in search results. Facebook doesn’t seem to have anything like that. It’s more of a Twitter thing, but conversations aren’t very slick over there. Maybe Pages will be the Goldilocks and the Three Bears for blogs?

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