Photo of the day – When did he grow up?

See that? My little boy is flying along the gym floor on one of those plasma cars. It was hard with my iPhone to get a clear shot of him! He was steering it and avoiding obstacles and other kids that were running around like whirling dervishes.

For most adults without kids, this seems like no big feat. But only 4 months ago, my wife and I got married in the same hall as he is playing in now. He couldn’t walk yet, and crawled around. He was still so much a little baby. Only 4 months later, he has morphed into a toddler! When did that happen?

I need to remind myself on occasion that I need to stop and enjoy the kids more. All too often I’m thinking about the next load of wood I need to bring up, or the dishes that need washing, what bills need to be paid, etc…

I find that it is moments like this that I have a pangs of sadness and joy mixed up together. Sad that he is growing up so quickly before my eyes, yet so happy I get to see him grow up! That is if I make sure not to blink and miss it…


2 Replies to “Photo of the day – When did he grow up?”

  1. I don’t have kids..but its true, that feeling that if you blink you are going to miss on a lot of things is something I feel too! Not related to kids though, but..don’t you find time flying by really fast? It’s like its not only deadlines that are making that whooshing sound!

    1. I remember being informed that time speeds up for us as we age. Something about a year being 1/10 of our life at 10, but only 1/50 at 50. In other words a day is shorter relative to our age as we get older.

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