Photo of the day – Children’s Bible Stories. WTF!

The other day I posted this photo on Twitter that I took while waiting for my wife’s ultra-sound. It was a big day for us being able to see a grainy rendition of the little about to be person growing inside the woman I love.

But, something about this book makes me mad. It’s obviously a christian bible book targeting young children. I won’t get into my thoughts on whether I agree with it being made in the first place, what gets me (much like the Noah’s Ark toy in a Burnaby public park) is that it is in a publicly funded Ultrasound clinic. Why?

I don’t see Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist “children’s” comics or any other book representing the multitude of faiths in our culture. Or any kids books on evolution! Hell, being in a science based facility, shouldn’t there be some sticker on the front of this book stating that it is a complete work of fiction? And that if we were to rely on the bible to explain diseases like cancer, instead of modern imaging devices like were present in Modrona, mortality rates would skyrocket.

Keep books like these out of places that children frequent. And, out of facilities that don’t rely on fables, myths, imaginary gods, and superstitions to diagnose and heal.



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  1. At my kids’ public (as in, not private) school, there was a notice going around asking permission for a school chaplain… I voted “no.” I honestly believe in multicultural countries religion should be completely separated from any government organisation (after all, muslims and buddhists pay taxes too!!!).

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