From Productivity Bits: How To Form A Habit

We all have things we wish we could do better. But how do we get started? And will the habit stick? I read a great article of how to develop a good habit and wanted to share.
Here are a few components of how to form a habit:

  1. Habit First, Quality Second. – I’ll use my postaday2011 challenge as an example here. I post everyday, whether I have something to say or not. It’s obvious there are days I have nothing to come up with, but even then, I have found some of the biggest traffic came from posts I didn’t think anyone would like! I have the habit there, and sometimes the quality follows!
  2. Start Small – You can’t just go out and run a marathon without training first, can you? Start small and build up to your goal.
  3. Don’t Break the Chain – This little trick states that once you do something a few times in a row, mark it on a calendar with an X and don’t break the chain…

For the rest of the tips, please head over to Productivity Bits. It’s a great site!

Motivation is tremendously important in our quest to get things done, but motivation always ends at the beach where as habits have a way of carrying on with no end.

To be successful at anything then, we need to form good habits that support our endeavors and carry us through to our goal’s end.

If you are like me, you have started toward many a new goal with a flurry of motivation and good intentions and then, in a matter of weeks, found yourself sidetracked.

via Habit Hack: How To Form A Habit.