The reason men have a hard time learning names at work.

I recently moved locations from within my company. It was an exciting move for me! And I’ve had a fantastic time integrating into the team. One of the first things I noticed though from the moment I entered work on the first day was that I was the only guy there. Well, there is one more guy there, but he is out of the office on the road more than he is on site. So I am the only full time guy in a branch of 20+ women.

No problem!


It has taken me longer to learn everyone’s names than if I was a woman. Here’s why…

As the above photo demonstrates, it feels like when I try to look at a woman’s name tag on her chest, I’m getting caught checking out her boobs. Rachel Welsh is trying to see what the hot blond’s name is. Where is the name tag?

This is especially bad if the writing on the name tag is small or is covered up. Here’s a perfect example of the dilemma…

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This kid is doing his best to see what her name is while she is looking away so as to avoid embarrassment. But damn it, her hair is covering the name tag!

Being in a ‘professional’ environment, I try to read name tags as discretly as possible. Being the only guy there, and being married, I don’t want to get that reputation of being that creepy token male.

How do I then learn all the women’s names? Slower than most.

I have a solution to this problem…

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  1. The next time someone from your branch calls to ask for payout information I’m going to tell them all to switch nametags just to mess with the creepy new guy’s head ; )

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