Postaday2011 is almost done! I’m excited, but in a split personality sort of way.

Today I finally hit 60,000 visitors to the site! Thank you to everyone that comes back to see what I’m rambling about…

My wife asked me tonight if I’m going to do the challenge next year? The reason she asks me, is because almost every night over the last couple of months, I sit in front of my computer and start to comb Reddit, Google Reader, Twitter, and Google+ for interesting things to blog about! Stumped, I finally, after an hour or two of getting caught up in mindless internet crap(Facebook, porn, etc…), I come up with a post.

Some days I just know what I’m going to write about. Those days are starting to be harder to come by. With my busy work and family life, I don’t have a lot of time to develop a long thought out article like I did a year or two ago. It’s not that I can’t still do it, but with the pressure of having to come up with a post every day, I end up falling back on a topic that I originally wanted to take a couple of days to put together. Instead, I write a shortened, not as well thought out post and fire it out into the blogosphere. It usually leaves me disappointed.

However, the one trend I’ve been noticing on my site is the increased traffic compared to previous years! I now consistently get 150-200 visitors a day! That is a huge increase for a small blog like mine! Posting a topic daily is bringing lots of people here. It has also brought more interaction with you, and my comments, which were non-existant before last year, are coming in on a daily basis. Thanks for that too!

So it’s a double edged sword for me. Do I sign up for the challenge next year and keep churning out content(though of questionable quality), or do I scale it back and try to flesh out more thorough posts? It may sound like an easy solution to just scale it back, but I am quite surprised that I get a lot of traffic on my Photo of the Day posts. They are usually short and sweet. Maybe the amount of content isn’t as important?

What have you enjoyed about coming to my site? Do you enjoy seeing daily content? Or do you wait for something deeper, or do you wait on a topic that I tend to come back to semi-regularly(like GTD or RTM)?



3 Replies to “Postaday2011 is almost done! I’m excited, but in a split personality sort of way.”

  1. ooo congratulations! I didn’t last more than 2 months with the Post a Day challenge..LOL. I usually come over for a read when you touch on stuff that isn’t too techinical for someone techinically challenged as myself..for example a post like this! 😉

    1. I like new websites, updates to current online services, and all things Linux! haha. I’ve got to start sharing that more on my site, and not just re-tweet it on my Twitter account! Thanks for the feedback!

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