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I really don’t like Facebook. But it is hard to keep in touch with friends on other social networks, as they are ALL on Facebook!
I had hoped with the release of Google+, that Facebook would start to wane, but it hasn’t. So I’m still on there.
I hope that at some point people start to realize Facebook is not doing you any favours. Here is an article on how Facebook is tracking you…

Facebook is watching you—even if you’re not a Facebook user—but insists it’s less nefarious than rivals who do the same thing. The social networking giant uses tracking cookies to keep a running log of every page users have visited for the past 90 days, engineering director Arturo Bejar tells the USA Today. It also tracks anyone, user or otherwise, who happens onto Facebook for any reason.

via How Facebook Watches You – Social media giant tracks your previous 90 days of browsing.