The lamest assassination attempt ever. Why even charge the guy?

See this man? He’s not too smart. He ‘apparently’ tried to assassinate President Obama by shooting at the White House. Yes, not directly at the President, but at the big white building he hangs out in.

The Secret Service takes these types of things seriously I guess and are charging him with attempted assassination of the President. Was Barack Obama even at the White House that day? I could read more about it and find that out I’m sure, but this story sounds so crazy that I couldn’t get past the first couple of paragraphs…

Since when is shooting a gun at a building an assassination attempt? I understand if a bomb had been planted to coincide with Obama being there, but a gun from some distance? Does Oscar Ortega-Hernandez look like a trained sniper?

No, he looks like some homeless guy(or Occupy protester) with mental problems. From Idaho. A place famous for potatoes.

Hey, I could be wrong here, but get the guy some help. And while you’re at it, why not ban all the guns, because it seems pretty easy to get assault weapons down there! I’d be guessing that he is pretty much fucked now and will spend his remaining days being passed around as jail bait in one of the many maximum security prisons the USA is proud of stuffing to the gills.

An Idaho man accused of firing two shots at the White House last week has been charged with attempting to assassinate US President Barack Obama or his staff.
Police arrested Oscar Ortega-Hernandez of Idaho Falls, Idaho, on Wednesday at a hotel in Pennsylvania, about four hours driving time from Washington, the US secret service said.

via Man charged with Obama assassination attempt – Americas – Al Jazeera English.


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  1. Hmmm..sounds more like an attempt to assassinate the White House instead of the President himself..OR he could have just been an out of job window maker or painter or somehting and trying to cause some damage so that he could be the first in line to get the job? heheheh!

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