Photo of the day – Marketing to kids

It is “look for stuff for your kids for Christmas” season right now, and I have been in toy stores more in the last couple days, than the entire year combined! But one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most is looking at the way companies market their toys for kids!

One of the funny and memorable games my wife and I have played over the last few years together, is to take pictures of “things we see”. Most of the time they are funny, and we post them on Facebook! I thought I’d share a couple with you that I found yesterday and today…

See what might be wrong in the pictures!


2 Replies to “Photo of the day – Marketing to kids”

  1. Well…Grover, who’s having some sort of identity crisis/midlife crisis, appears to be embarrased by his less than terrific singing that he’s blushed himself red. Not to mention they forgot to program the mic so I can sing “Achy Breaky Heart.” And, there appears to be an invisible child kicking the hockey ball into the net. That’s kind of creepy!

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