Photo of the day – Disaster Zone

Our 1 year old is a monster!

Today my wife turned around for just a minute and he managed to run and grab my moccasin from our closet, then run into the kitchen and tear open a full bag of split peas. He proceeds to take all the cans of soup and distribute them all over the living room, and randomly throw items in the garbage.

Once he’s bored with that, he resets the dishwasher, and pulls clean dishes from the closed armoire and throws them at my wife’s face. Such love for him mommy.

Yes, he’s a monster. One of those gremlin type of monsters. Cute, with a devilish side…


2 Replies to “Photo of the day – Disaster Zone”

  1. First thing I thought was “ouch..thank goodness for vacuum cleaners..” then read that it was peas…would that harm the vacuum cleaner??

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