Top posts of 2011. Lessons? Quality before Quantity

With less than a month left in the 2011 Postaday Challenge, I’ve been looking at the top posts so far this year. Why not get onto the best of 2011 a bit early?

I’ve learned from this exercise that posting every day has increased traffic, but the posts that have received the most visitors were the ones I spent the greatest amount of time creating.

In other words, content is king.  Quality before Quantity.

After looking at all this, I think next year I’ll probably opt for the Postaweek challenge. That way if I have something interesting to share, I can take some time to put together a better post without the 3 to 4 hour time line I have every evening!

Here are my Top 5 Posts in 2011.

5. Get It Done App, a great Evernote and GTD integrated Task Manager

4. ToDo.txt Command Line GTD. Is it REALLY that good?

3. My GTD-Moleskine experiment. The set-up…

2. The best Linux distro of 2011!

1. An unexpected benefit of doing the Postaday2011 Challenge!