Photo of the day – Lazy Corporations


This sign went up in the parking lot where I work yesterday. It’s a bright, shiny sign that is hard to miss. You may think it’s a good thing to have such an obvious warning posted so that people will take care. It might save save people from falling. Right?

You would be absolutely wrong…

This sign went up after one of my co-workers(who is in the business of approving commercial liability insurance), fell badly last week in our parking lot. We were all quite lucky to have not suffered the same fate as him. It’s hard not to slip and fall when the property manager does nothing to make the parking lot safe.

It was a frosty fall morning, and the temperature was just below freezing. It had been warmer and damp earlier that night, and the parking lot when we got to work was essentially an ice rink. If you were the property manager, what would you do? Salt? Sand?

You would be correct. That would be the correct thing to do. That might save the businesses that operate in the complex from being sued for negligence.

Instead, after repeated requests to the property manager to do anything at all over the previous couple of weeks, our co-worker fell and hurt himself.

Days later, up pops this stupid sign. Like a slap in the face. Pissed me off. I hate negligent, lazy companies like that.

Really? The ground can be slippery or icy in the winter? Idiots.

For all the money that this company put into making and putting up the signs, maybe they should have acted quicker when told there have been issues with ice, and just paid someone to come out and salt or check everyday.

My co-worker is ok now. But is pretty upset. Instead of paying for regular salting and sanding to ensure the staff and customers of the complex are safe, they just stick up an obvious sign saying people may fall if it’s icy out. Actually, now that I think of it, maybe the property manager is correct in warning people about falling because it’s likely going to happen given how good they are at their job.


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  1. hahaha okay at first I was wondering if you meant that they should have put up that sign earlier to warn people about it being slippery and I was like “huh???!!” then as I read I realized you meant to actually do something about the iciness..

    I agree..its just so much easier to do the right thing instead of putting up stupid signs..and probably cheaper too.

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