Photos of the day – Where did the kids go?

This evening we took the kids to the local indoor play gym to burn off some energy. We had an ulterior motive though. My wife left right after dropping me off with them to get some Christmas shopping down at the local toy store. Success!

When we got inside, I was quite shocked at what I saw.

All the screaming, fighting, hyper kids were no where to be seen.I felt like I missed something important! If the hoards of kids weren’t here, were the heck were they? This place is packed all the time…

Wow. So quiet I could here jazz music playing on the speakers. I didn’t even know they had music playing here…


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    1. They played on anything they wanted! The ball room wasn’t dangerous, I could haul our youngest up to the big slide without other kids bumping into him. Being so inflexible, it’s takes me longer to get around in there, so I didn’t get that feeling that I was holding things up for other kids when I went crawling up in the rafters… haha.

  1. When we were living in Parksville and Qualicum, I loved heading to Jumping Jiminy’s in Nanaimo!

    N had a blast every time we went there, and would pass out like a light on the drive home. I wish there was something like this here in Victoria.

    1. I went to a place in Langford once that was a smaller version of Jumpin’ Jiminy’s. I can’t quite remember what it was called but it was by the mall.

  2. Oh right! I think I know which place you mean. Haven’t been there yet.

    Also, it must have felt SO exhilarating having that whole place to yourselves.
    I am however, curious as to where the heck everyone was … When and what time were there??

    1. We went around 7pm on Saturday. Usually if we go a bit later, there are less ppl, but never has there been no ppl there.

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