Photo of the day – Monster Monster Truck Truck


My oldest son’s favourite colour is orange. I saw this the other day and was on the phone with him. I told him he should see this truck, but of course that would be impossible at that moment.

Just as I was taking this picture, this bleach blonde rocker chick with a mullet came walking up to the truck. She was a perfect fit for the truck!

The truck is quite old, and she did a beautiful job of it. But, boy did she ever fit the stereotype of someone that goes to Monster Truck shows!

As a side note, everytime I see a 4×4 truck and my wife is in the vehicle with me, I say, look honey, it’s a “monster monster truck truck” as an announcer echo voice. She cringes every time! lol.


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  1. heh..I ‘m not really much of a car person. As long as it takes me from point A to B I’ll be happy ..oh and needs to have a “small bum”…for easier

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