What does Christmas mean to you?

I’ve had a few interesting conversations lately about Christmas and all the fuss going on online about protecting Christmas as a Christian holiday, and people freaking out about saying “Happy Holidays”. I’m pretty open with everyones beliefs but I have a hard time with being told what to celebrate or what to say.

So today I thought I’d post a short video of some of our current “Christmas” traditions and how they didn’t originate with Christians.

What does Christmas mean to you? For me it is a time to get together with family and live the holidays through my kid’s eyes. It’s not about Christ for me at all…


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  1. For me though it is about Christ being born. Not the traditions of Christmas as we see it now, but more a personal thing. I’ve been thinking on writing about what you just wrote too! Here’s the thing though..where I come from and what I have been thaught, Easter is a “more important” celebration to me compared to Christmas..and only because Easter hasn’t been as commercialized as Christmas is. as for the inconsistencies in the Bible, to me that’s expected. To me, it still is the “word of God” but what most people forget is that the Gospels according to the apostles were written by men, story tellers, telling their stories..plus the fact its been translated..so, that’s something normal to occur. The message, the living word though is the same..and it is the same in any religion, in any belief system. Good post and thought provoking though and an excellent lesson in patience – the man’s voice made me want to clock him one on the head..hahaha!

    Happy Holidays to you then 😉

    1. No no. Merry Christmas! I celebrate it, just differently than christians.

      You should write a blog post about how you were raised, taught, and how that may differ from what’s celebrated today.

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