In choosing to blog daily, look to these 9 tips for help!

I am still debating whether I will attempt another year of blogging daily. If I do, these 9 tips from ProBlogger will surely help! Click through at the bottom to go into the full fledged tips!

  1. Write short, snappy content

  2. Use guest posts

  3. Write daily

  4. Write from the heart

  5. Repurpose your content

  6. Carry a notebook everywhere, and become a keen observer

  7. Use your time wisely

  8. Stay inspired

  9. Love what you do

Looking at the list, I’d say that I’ve become a keen observer. I love to find funny sign mistakes, and odd sights. About 1/2 way through the year, I started posting a Photo of the Day. Keeping a post short and sweet keeps the pressure off as well, and surprisingly, I’ve gained the most followers on the days I kept my posts short and sweet!

The bottom line is to love what you do, and blog about what you love! There is nothing worse than being forced to write about topics you find boring!

I’ve followed Problogger on Twitter for a while now, and today’s tips are just a small snippet of the excellent content over there.

via 9 Steps to a Daily Blogging Schedule.