Evil Apple trying to ruin competition with ridiculous patents

Apple is trying to destroy Android. It is wrong. There are too many patent battles going on right now and if it is left to the courts Apple will be a monopoly. Even more so than they already are in the mobile marketplace.

If Apple really wishes to be the king of the hill, then why not spend some of their huge stockpile of money on R&D instead of lawyers?

Here is a detailed breakdown of the lawsuits currently going on between HTC and Apple, and why Apple is trying to kill their competitors in the wrong way…

Yesterday’s news that courts had ruled against HTC in favor of Apple was a tidy little victory for Apple. But HTC is just an initial skirmish in a much larger fight. The real war is against Android, and if Apple wins that, we’ll all lose.

The iPhone was like nothing that came before. And Apple should be able to protect its innovations and intellectual property. But the Cupertino Crew doesn’t just want to do that; it wants to kill Android. It wants Google’s mobile OS to go away. No settlements. No licenses. Dead. Jobs said as much, very explicitly.

via If Apple Wins We All Lose.