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We are expecting a baby around the middle of March next year and are starting to focus on some baby names.We love to do A to Z boy and girl lists! We do them separately and then compare notes. That way we may find names we have a common liking for.

When we were expecting our first child together we found out the sex of the baby early on, and had lots of time to focus clearly on having a boy. This time I had convinced my wife to leave it as a surprise! Yes, I said HAD…

She is having some adjustment issues around envisioning what is growing inside her. And, if times weren’t stressful enough, we have to move two weeks before the baby is due! Crazy.

So, I relented and we are now going to find out what we are having. But we have to wait a few more weeks before the 2nd ultrasound is booked. In the meantime we are doing both boy and girl A to Z lists…

The last baby we had lots of baby name books to look through. I would read an alphabetical list in a book, and then would switch with the one my wife was looking at. Our lists were done fast!

This time we both went straight to our laptops and The Google. Boy, what a mistake! The first websites that came up are full of baby ads, pop-up videos, and have horrible interfaces. They also give you tons of different lists referencing religions, regions, horoscopes, trends, and any other thing you can think of…

Really though, there is a point where you are looking at baby names, and you don’t want 2,000,000 options. If it takes 15 pages to get through the letter A you will have an unnamed toddler by the time you decide on a name!

Having gone through the exercise before, I have to say that books are the fastest and most concise way to pick your baby’s name by far! Avoid technology and flip through pages in a book.