My Christmas ride one day late results in a present!

Today I got to go on my annual Christmas ride! It is one of my favourite rides of the year. Being on the west coast of Canada, I and all the other mountain bikers, can ride pretty much year round! So to ride on Christmas almost every year for the last 15 to 20 years has become one of my favourite traditions.

This year on Christmas day I had quite a busy morning, and forgot to dry my riding gear. By the time it was done in the dryer, I didn’t have much time to complete a worthy ride, so I opted instead for a nap.

I did this knowing that I still had Boxing Day on the 26th to complete my ride. And, man was I ever happy I did. You see, if I had gone yesterday, I would have done the ride alone and I would have rushed the ride and stuck to the trails I know.

But instead, today I was able to bring my riding partner Jeremy. For anyone keeping score, he is also my very talented brewmaster that did all the beer for our wedding!

He had gone out for a ride recently and had discovered the beginnings of some NEW trails in the area we frequent. Today we went of explored them more! Finding new trails is much like a Christmas present for mountain bikers! Especially ones that were built by mountain bikers! They add all the little touches that are needed to make the trail unique and one of a kind.

After a good hour and a half ride on brand new trails, we went back to Jeremy’s place and had a toast to another great year of riding, and did it with a glass of his yummy beer!

A great annual ride, and this year’s was one of the best!