Middle fingers causing Google+ revolt

I stumbled upon an article today about how some bloggers are getting their profiles pulled from Google+ over showing their middle fingers! Really?

I hate censorship. I really do. I truly believe that education is the answer to cure racism,  bigotry, gay bashing, etc…You breed more problems by banning images and conversation. Having said that, what the hell is wrong with flipping the bird? Nothing.

Techcrunch is making the case that people should first change their profile pics to a middle finger gesture. It was easy for me to do, as you may well be aware, I am proud to show off my beautiful bride in my header image. So I changed my Google+ profile too!

What do you think about social media companies banning and censoring content on their own services? There has been huge revolts on Facebook for banning breastfeeding pics. Who makes them the social and moral police?

Here is the article I came across. Click through at the bottom to read more about the revolt…

This blogger we all know got a pic of himself flipping off a camera removed from Google+ yesterday, and another blogger blogged about it, and then the original blogger blogged about that blogger. Here’s why the image removal was significant, via BoingBoing’s Rob Beschizza.

via Why We Should All Give Google+ The Finger | TechCrunch.


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  1. You should put that picture as your profile pic on Google + and see how long it takes them!

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